Week #13 – The Future of Media

Week #13

The Future of Media

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Class Discussion:

Ai – AKA – Artificial Intelligence – What exactly is Ai and HOW is it changing all forms of Media?

Try it yourself?? Have you heard about Dalle-2?

Let’s meet LOAB <- Read this

How might Ai continue to enhance or infiltrate our daily lives? Especially our interactions with Media and Media based platforms?

But what about surveillance? What role will Ai play?…

Let’s screen this video together:

From the History Channel: Why is the Patriot Act So Controversial?

What is the USA Patriot Act? – Pros & Cons

Assignment: Respond in the comments section below ->

  1. What did you think about the video? Do you agree or disagree with the Patriot Act?
  2. How has the patriot act held up over time since its 2001 inclusion? The Internet plays a big role, what have you noticed?
  3. Based on meeting LOAB and getting a feel for Ai – how might Ai intervene and or cause bigger problems in the near future? What connections do you see with things like the USA Patriot Act? Is there a connection between the two?

Please write a 200 – 350-word response and post it into the comments section below, preferably by our next class time. You will also need to comment on one of your classmates’ responses by the following week as well. Engage!

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CHAPTER 14 – ( Excerpts )



1898: Hearst starts a war
1933: Nazi propaganda
1954: TV violence hearings
1972: Surgeon general’s report
1990: Children’s Television Act
2011: Video games protected free speech


Recurring ritual
What does research say?
Industry self-regulation is the norm
Video games and school violence
Research can indicate national trends
Media effects and media impacts


Four methods
Content analyses
Deductive vs. inductive
Qualitative vs. quantitative
Cause and effect
Independent variables
Dependent variables
Ethnographers and Lazarsfeld
Administrative and critical research


Detailed profile of content
Identify trends over time
Can’t draw conclusions
Time-consuming, expensive task
Major study: TV violence
More than six incidents per hour
Two hours of TV/day = 10,000 acts per year
By time of high school graduation: 200,000 violent acts, 20,000 handgun murders


Controlled conditions
Randomly assigned groups
Bandura’s Bobo study
Exposure to TV violence may spur aggression in children
Generalizability and validity
May be unrealistic: reliable?


Ask people about their media exposure and behavior
Are they correlated?
More generalizable; larger samples
Often ambiguous evidence about cause and effect
Longitudinal studies most valid


Similar techniques as anthropology
Observation (over time) and interviewing
Focus groups: “in their own words”
Participants don’t represent the general public
Problem of group dynamics
Big Data
Used by Netflix, Pandora to recommend movies, songs


Uses and gratifications
Users seek out media to meet differing needs
Need for Internet interaction
Behavior changes as media in constant flux
TV & movies: entertainment
Internet: information


Expected outcomes alter media behavior
We learn from others and ourselves
Self-regulation: often explains why we avoid media
Self-efficacy: confidence in our ability to consume media


Interactive media especially enticing
Flow: time seems to disappear
Game developers promise “better high than drugs”
Gaming disorder = mental disease


Includes media not immediately associated with computer networks
High and low social presence
Lean vs. rich media
Facebook: richer than real life?


Bullet or hypodermic theory: media as powerful
Hearst’s stories about battleship Maine
Multistep flow: influence through opinion leaders rather than media
Influence radiates outward
Selective processes
Exposure, retention
Social learning theory
TV encourages/discourages imitation
Cultivation theory
Mainstreaming: real-world experience + TV worldview
Resonance: intensifies real-world experiences
Priming: one thought triggers others
Agenda setting: shapes media content
Catharsis: positive effects of media?


Focus on media interpretation
Readers of media texts
“Group mediation”
“Interpretive communities”
“Multistep flow”
SMCR “linear model or transmission paradigm”


Does TV cause violence?
Many studies say yes
Critics: studies were under “unrealistic conditions”
Other causes: family, peers, socioeconomics, substance abuse
Need for parental oversight
Video game violence
More dangerous than TV?
Media stereotyping
Sex-role stereotypes on TV, video games
Also in children’s TV (Barney, Teletubbies)
Racial stereotypes still in place on TV
Few seniors, gays, blue-collars, homeless, mentally ill, etc. on TV
Stereotypes: “pictures in our heads”


1920s sex scandals led to self-censorship
Dramatic increase in pornographic material
Children exposed to sex online
Adult porn viewing leads to cheating, sex for hire
Relationship between porn, sex crimes?
Does this affect males’ attitudes toward women?


No cigarette ads on TV
Beer, wine ads provide much TV revenue
Hard liquor new to TV advertising
Antismoking ads actually increase smoking
Do ads affect kids’ behavior?
Critics target Joe Camel, Captain Morgan
Are fatty foods next target?


Flip side of “media bashing”
Encourages media to produce “wholesome and educational” programs
Children’s TV Act of 1990
Information campaigns
Spotty record of success
Use social marketing
Informal education
Combines education, entertainment: Sesame Street
Incidental learning


Advertisers are happy to achieve limited impacts
Goal: strengthen brand awareness, loyalty
Repeated exposures may slowly change behavior
But many campaigns flop
Hierarchy of effect
Impact of online advertising


Political campaign = advertising campaign
Candidate is the “product”
Impact may be minimal
Newspaper – not TV – leads to political activity
Media coverage trumps ads
Gatekeeping, framing, agenda setting
Ads have most impact in low-profile elections
Spiral of silence


Disparities in capital – monetary and cultural – perpetuate inequalities
Digital divide: income, race
Knowledge gap hypothesis
Equal access won’t guarantee social equality
Must change inequalities in society
Community networking


TV usage may lower community involvement
Internet may displace face-to-face relationships
Internet paradox
Positive effects of social networks
Can online communication strengthen real-world relationships?


Physical and mental health
Maybe obesity, ADD in children
Adults affected, too
Less TV = less depression
VLF radiation and cancer?
Driving and mobile phones/texting
Repetitive stress injuries


Information tech improves productivity
Job displacement: “offshoring”
New trend: “in-sourcing”
Flattened pyramid
Core and ring
Virtual corporation
Productivity paradox: Many investments don’t work out


No more lifelong employment with one employer
De-skilling: reduce skills
Taylorism: work faster
Fordism: learn one task
These make upward mobility impossible
Post-Fordism: lower pay
Up-skilling: upgrading of skill requirements


Work decentralization
Work from home
Work-family conflicts
More salaried employees; less overtime
Technology can give workers more control

36 thoughts on “Week #13 – The Future of Media”

  1. What did you think about the video? Do you agree or disagree with the Patriot Act?
    – I don’t agree with Patriot Act I don’t want to under constant surveillance. I feel the act is a scam the government wants to set up to take away our privacy and freedom

    How has the patriot act held up over time since its 2001 inclusion? The Internet plays a big role, what have you noticed?
    – It has infiltrated our society not in a good way. Everything we do now is tracked through the trip on our credit cards, location on our phone, tracking device on our cars etc… Everything we search goes into a data base to be analyze and tracked. I know this because I was told this in my training as a Contact Tracer. Contact Tracing was another form of tracking as it claim to prevent a spread just like the Patriot act is claiming to stop terrorism. I believe it’s deeper then that it’s to keep tabs on citizens to keep us under control to manipulate and brainwash us to fit their narratives and agendas.

    Based on meeting LOAB and getting a feel for Ai – how might Ai intervene and or cause bigger problems in the near future? What connections do you see with things like the USA Patriot Act? Is there a connection between the two?
    – Yes Ai and the USA Patriot Act go hand in hand. The government is already working on replacing us with robots. Their is domino pizza delivery robot in California and Facebook owner sold our information. We have chips in our phones that has all our personal business stored on it. I feel as though their is no escape were heading towards the wrong direction and it’s only going to get worse.

  2. The video was very interesting. I think that the Patriot Act is a way to make the US safe. In reaction to the terrorist attacks that took place in the US on September 11, 2001, Congress wrote and approved the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was intended to give federal and law enforcement officials more power when following, intercepting, or obtaining information on suspected terrorists. Additionally, it allowed for improved communication in the gathering of foreign information and gave the Secretary of the Treasury more authority to regulate terrorism and foreign currency. Some privacy protections for US individuals were lowered or violated in order to provide these extra precautions. This has included the use of “secret” courts where warrants can be obtained in order to collect metadata from individual citizens’ phone conversations and online activities. Ai was developed to be more powerful and replace many human activities, so based on meeting LOAB, an Ai intervention could result in serious issues in the future. They have their own minds, which makes this potentially quite dangerous. Additionally, if these innovations fall into the wrong hands, our society could suffer immense harm. The Patriot Act is basically a mental representation of “artificial Intelligence”, so I believe there is a significant connection between the USA Patriot Act and AI.

  3. I have mixed emotions about the patriot act, 9/11 was a very tragic event where many innocent people lost their lives. So I understand how hard America wants to prevent anything like that from happening again. But spying on people through their devices is unconstitutional. People have the right to privacy, but this also allows the government to spot potential terrorist attacks. Since 2001, ​​Despite many challenges, no federal court has declared unconstitutional any of the PATRIOT Act provisions Congress is renewing. The internet is the main power for this, The Act enables law enforcement officials to intercept the communications of computer trespassers and improves their ability to track computer trespasser activities. AI applications automate the majority of tedious and repetitive tasks. Since we do not have to memorize things or solve puzzles to get the job done, we tend to use our brains less and less. Ai can be easily hacked from different sources, so information can be accessed easily just as through the internet.

  4. The film, which discussed the USA Patriot Act, caught my attention because it made me consider how much has changed in society after 9/11. The way we see terrorists and combat terrorism has been permanently altered by what feels like the emergence of a new world order as a result of this. It took some time before the long-term implications of the Act itself were seriously considered and investigated. The Fourth Amendment’s protections for Americans’ privacy and the use of search warrants have been fundamentally altered by the Patriot Act, which permits federal law enforcement organizations to postpone giving notice while conducting covert searches of Americans’ homes and workplaces. Many activities were questioned, such investigating people who have different speech that contravenes the first amendment or entering without authorization. This was required, in my opinion, because it provided law enforcement the authority to prevent something horrific from occurring on American territory. By taking this action, the government would have more power over citizens. I think Invasion of privacy and control is how the Patriot Act and AI are related. However, because it is artificial intelligence, As we have seen with China exploiting its AI technology against people, if the government starts using it incorrectly, they will acquire greater influence over people’s lives.

    1. Yes society has changed greatly since 911 and I believe it’s been for the worse. They tried to make it seem were going to come together as one and were taking back our country for the better good. It’s all been smoking mirrors and gaslighting.

  5. I thought the video was quite interesting discussing the USA patriot act, and from the video I thought about how much life has changed since 9/11. It was feels like this was part of a new world order, and it forever changed the way we view terrorists and counteract terrorism. The events of 9/11 made a precedent or template of government for protecting national security by all costs even your civil liberties and 4th amendment rights. There are a couple of reasons why I don’t agree with the patriot for the obvious that even though this act was done in the name of the bush administration’s attempt to provide tough security measures in response to 9/11 attacks and the safety of Americans, the bill was not processed fully as the video mentioned, it was not constitutionally checked, the bill passed very quickly, and I feel that it was a bipartisan agreement, the president acted unilaterally as well, which is also a violation of the constitution. It was the ways in which the bill was passed, does not make it a good and revised and thoroughly looked at bill. For suggestions, maybe we should revise that act and discuss the terms of the patriot act once again. I believe that the internet and AI has a lot to do with the patriot act, as, technology gets more advanced so does the government’s attempt to control and have more surveillance in our lives. To come to think of it, we should not always trust technology, we should always have some paperwork to keep in case of a technology/computer mishap. AI can cause a bigger problem in the bigger problem in the near future because with more technologies, can replace our jobs, and do everything that we used to do on a daily basis. I see AI and the patriot act intertwined because of the government’s attempt to provide strict security measures and as we bring more information of ourselves into technology, the government can hack our information, and know everything going on in our lives, just as more technology is advancing.

    1. Hi Monica, I totally agree with you. The government can hack our information and know everything that is happening in our life as technology develops because of the government’s attempts to implement rigorous security measures and as we put more information about ourselves into technology. As we have seen with China exploiting its AI technology against people, if the government starts using it incorrectly, they will acquire greater influence over people’s lives.

    2. hey Monica I agree, this law was rushed and properly well looked over, but despite the invasion of privacy, America hasn’t had a terrorist attack since then.

  6. The video was very informative and very educational. I had some background knowledge of the Patriot Act before watching the video, but the more I learn of it the more my opinion becomes a mix. I understand that the main reason the Patriot Act was created was because of the terrorist attack on 9/11, the motives of the creation of the Patriot Act were definitely acceptable and reasonable. The long-lasting effects of the Act itself was something that was not viewed and studied as strongly till years after, which resulted in long lasting continues consequences. Should the government have that much power over us? Should they know so much over us? I understand that it says that the target of the Patriot Act is against criminals of all types, but they still have a loophole to view anyone’s information if needed or wanted, or so that’s how I see it. Does the United States need this Act? Yes. But yes the patriot act needs to be reformed and given less power and control over freedom of speech. This somewhat reminds be of the book 1984, by George Orwell, the idea that Big Brother is always watching you, this idea from the book is a strong reflection I feel to what the United States is becoming, although in this case it’ll be Uncle Sam watching you. AI might actually be something the public disagrees with more on, artificial intelligence will continue to evolve on its own, given more responsibility on the use of AI such as for security purpose and cyber security purposes, it is similar to that of the Patriot Act, except that the AI in its own way will continue to evolve, the patriot act can just be changed minimally because the amount of people who support it and don’t support it.

  7. Prior to the video, I was vaguely familiar with the Patriot Act before seeing the movie, but I knew it dealt with crime-related concerns and how they should be reduced. I thought the film did a great job of explaining what the Patriot Act is. It had a new justification for passing. In terms of reducing crime, I believe the Patriot Act is an excellent concept. I think the Patriot Act was an excellent idea because it reduced the amount of terrorist attacks and crimes in general. The world altered on the day that law enforcement gained more authority because pandemonium would have ensued if that day hadn’t occurred. I think a lot of people supported this law because, as was already discussed, it would stop a lot of crimes, but they also thought it was too much. Many activities were questioned, such as allowing persons with differing viewpoints to speak or entering without authorization. This, in my opinion, was necessary because it gave law enforcement the authority to keep anything awful off American land.

  8. I’ve heard the word patriot act and even watched a series with the name on Netflix by Hasan Minhaj, but I never knew what it meant. I, unfortunately, disagree with it. It’s a clear violation of both human privacy and our constitutional American rights. There should be no reason for government involvement in Americans’ lives to this level. I do understand its purpose and especially after 9/11 but this is a clear violation of our civil liberties. The guy even mentioned in the video that it’s been implemented more times for drug dealers than actual terrorist attacks. I am not in no way shape or form implying that drug dealing is not a serious crime for this serious invasion of privacy, it shouldn’t be implemented. The internet plays the biggest role because people can simply search something up even if it’s out of curiosity and be flagged. Regardless of the amount of hate a person can brew online, it’s still a right they are owed and shouldn’t be targeted against it. AI will only make this act progress more. If programmed the technology can actively find 100s or 1000s of “red flags” faster than humans or a regularly programmed machine. The technology will help the Patriot Act be implemented much easier and be used in all levels of crime. It’s honestly scary to know that the government can be actively watching us.

  9. Before watching the video, I had known what the patriot act was but not entirely in detail, and I knew it was about crime-related issues and how they should be lowered. After watching the video, I was informed with more information and explanations. I believe that it was good that the patriot act happened because it did decrease the number of terrorist attacks and crimes in general. The day when law enforcement got more power changed the world because if that day didn’t happen, it would lead to chaos. I believe many people supported this act because, as mentioned, it would prevent many crimes, but at the same time, people considered it too much. People questioned many actions, such as investing those with a different speech that violates the first amendment or entering without permission. I believe this was instead needed because it gave power to law enforcement to keep anything terrible off U.S. soil. I think there is a form of connection between the USA Patriot Act and A.I. because Patriot Act acted like a physical version of Artificial intelligence. Furthermore, both have crimes that connect, such as computer fraud/abuse and money laundering. Both AI and the Patriot Act do a similar thing where law enforcement can go in both ways preventing crimes using AI and physical confrontation.

    1. Hi Manpreet,

      I agree with you regarding its intentions, but at the same time, it’s not 100% okay. It’s clearly violating the rights written into this country hundreds of years ago. This act would give the government more control over us and can potentially only increase with time. Thank you for sharing.

  10. The unfortunate part of the Patriot Act is that it gives law enforcement more power to prevent terrorist attacks on our nation. The act has allowed the government to conduct searches without a warrant, and we have seen this play out ending in deadly results. Additionally, this act provides for so many indiscretions such as shared criminal investigation with officials, lack of accountability, and so on. Are we safer, or are we the victims of the Patriot Act?
    The target was terrorists; the focus was on the American people on our soil as the video stated, the Patriot Act helps the government capture drug dealers and trace money laundering is it safe to say that the government lost focus.
    The unfortunate part of the Patriot Act is not being able to control what the federal government has access to and how you are treated.

  11. I think the video was very informative on what the patriot act is. It had a new layer as to why it was passed. I think the patriot act is a good idea when it comes to lowering down crimes. But it does bring up the issue of does it violate amendment rights such as speech or unlawful searches? I think it’s a good idea in moments of pure terrorism or something bad happening in US soil. other than that it would not be a good way to prosecute americans because you are purposely setting up traps. But at the time this was made it was a necessary
    Tool in helping them to catch the ones who attacked US soil. I feel it has been kept up by having peoples social media presence monitored. Like jobs use background checks or look up social media accounts on employees are going to hire to see if they are the right fit for the company. And the Internet does play a big role in the patriot act because without it they wouldn’t be able to tap emails, phone calls or any other type of information. AI could cause a problem because it is artificial intelligence. We don’t know if these types of programs would be helpful or hurt the government if they use artificial intelligence. With artificial intelligence, you can use this to hack anyone without having any problem, which is a massive violation of one’s privacy. I think to be able to do lawful acts you need to first have evidence, and not use the patriot act as a reason to do something because you believe it is illegal.

    1. Hi Juan, I agree, the video was very interesting and informative. I also think that the Patriot Act is an effective idea when it comes to reducing crimes. It is a way to make the US safe. An Ai intervention could definitely result in serious issues in the future. Because it is “artificial intelligence”.

  12. I don’t agree with the patriot act, in fact, I think that it is a brightly colored band-aid on an open flesh wound. The act doesn’t fix the systematic incompetence that allowed 9/11 to happen in the first place rather it’s overcompensation to give people the illusion of safety. It gives the government a little too much power over our lives and if it weren’t for the checks and balances in place, it could be a gateway to a far more authoritarian government. The internet has played a massive role in terms of information about individuals. The government, if it wanted to, could straight up obtain data collected by Facebook for the sake of national security. Learning algorithms are already being used as a means of data collection. These algorithms, and especially AI inherit our cultural biases. I think that the implementation of AI into national security could be a massive issue. It could result in discriminatory practices based on how they program the AI to detect terrorists and criminals.

    1. Hey Ethan,

      I like the bandaid expression because it’s honestly the truth. It’s definitely an abuse of power from the government. Living in a country where you are scared to say anything on the online world or sharing your views without facing government scrutiny. Thanks for sharing.

  13. The patriot act is something in the video that I disagree with. The reason that I disagree with it is because the patriot act allows the government to spy on individuals and access their belongings without their knowledge or consent. That is something that the United States should not stand for and something we have fought back then. The patriot act has held up not that well overtime as numerous people always reach out to voice out their concerns about the fact on how their information is being used without them knowing or how other companies can access their belongings and spam them with information about their products. The internet has played a huge role in the way this patriot act is passed and used. The patriot act has been used as easily as ever as the government can easily access certain peoples information on the matter and gain access on how they can inspect their suspects and gain whatever information that they might need. In the near future AI can cause bigger problems and support the patriot act by possibly helping the government with certain tasks and needs that may have to get done and need something around to get it there. Overall the patriot should be changed and it has always had a negative reception over the years with the American people. This is something that needs to change and we as a people have to make our voices heard for it to happen and take place.

    1. I see your point directly, but in my pov, I believe that it’s somewhat justice because we would never know what exactly is going on without it. True, it violates some rights, but sometimes it is needed just because, as I mentioned, I feel that without it, crimes would be more common today.

  14. Honestly I have mixed feelings with the patriot act. I understand why it was put into place but theres so many violations in it that its kind of scary. The patriot act was set after 9/11 and to prevent terrorist attacks. In the video they explained how they have caught more drug dealers than terrorist, but exactly as the video puts it (and i agree), it is using the law out of the original intent. Internet plays the biggest role since the patriot act. The with internet always expanding and progressing, it is the only reason the patriot act is able to continue. The government is able to observe and surveillance our everyday move through the use and help of the internet. The only similarity I could think to connect both the ai and patriot act is invasion of privacy and control. An ai is able to quite literally do everything a human can do but much faster and can even teach its self to do more. In movies Ive always seen the robots that these characters build progress and eventually take over their owners. As silly as that might sound, it just shows how strong and virgious these ai could be. We as humans cannot comprehend how powerful ai are. Patriot Act weakened and threatened privacy rights which i feel if used in the wrong way ai can. I feel like theres so many pros to ai’s but just as the patriot act is supposed to protect against terrorist, it is being used in other ways outside its intended use, maybe how ais could be too.

    1. Hi Deborah, I agree with your response! “An ai is able to quite literally do everything a human can do but much faster and can even train itself to do more.” This sentence from your response really stuck out to me because the future of Ai’s can really be life-threatening to us. Their ability to do everything much faster, and more efficiently than humans open a huge debate about how these bots may one day replace our jobs, tools, income, and even our way of life. I hope that as our technology advances, there’s a way that we still are able to stay in control and not these ai’s.

    2. I agree I dont totally agree with the patriot act because it violates a lot of personal freedom but we perhaps need a different alternative in protecting the country against terrorists attacks so it does not happen again.

    3. hey deborah, i also have mixed feelings with the patriot act. i feel it gives to much power to violate ones rights. but on the other hand it does reduce crimes in moments of serious danger.

    4. Yes, AI has and will take over many jobs, but how is see it in the long term of it all is we may still need a human to program the AI unless we have made the bots so responsive that human existence is no longer needed, omg so what will be our relevance on this plant, could this even be a possibility.

    5. Hi Deborah, great response. I too have mixed emotions when it comes to the Patriot Act. I believe it grants too much authority to violate an individual’s rights. However, it does lessen crimes. It helps to make the US safer.

    6. Hello, At the same time the Patriot Act prevents a terrorist attack but it also spies on its citizens to get information.

  15. To begin with, the lesson and the video presented were very interesting. We are all aware that social media/the internet have us all on some type of hook. I do think that the Patriot Act is a very effective way for us to stay safe from any form of invasion. Many people supported the act because of its purpose to increase the chances to catch terrorists and give more access between the CIA and the FBI to share more information. But instead, the act has been used to catch more drug traffickers than terrorists. In addition to all the pros, there are also many cons to these videos that some see as a form of ‘surveillance’ and an invasion of privacy. By allowing government access without probable cause, critics claim the Patriot Act weakened privacy rights. Almost since its inception, the Patriot Act has been surrounded by controversy, with both sides claiming that the act’s provisions are extreme. Based on meeting LOAB an Ai intervention can cause significant problems in the near future because Ai was created to be more powerful and replace many human activities. This can be very dangerous because they have a mind of their own. These advances getting into the wrong hands can cause a great deal of destruction to our society. I think that there is a significant connection between the USA Patriot Act and AI because the Patriot Act is technically a mental version of Artificial Intelligence. In addition to expanding the scope of money laundering statutes, the Act also includes computer fraud and abuse as grounds for charges of terrorism, as well as modifies the computer fraud statute by allowing extraterritorial enforcement.

    1. I feel the same way that ai could dangerous because they have a mind of their own. There are people with bad intensions sadly in the world and as you said, with the use of ais in the wrong hands, things cant get out of control.

    2. I agree the onvasion of privacy is something that I do not like and disagree. There has to be another way in order to still get the job done without trying the invasion of privacy of so many americans and the inernet has made this process harder and easier for the government.

    3. hey sarah, i agree that the patriot act is good in helping but does it do more harm than good. it does reduce crime but it also invades ones privacy. its hard to see it as helpful when it also shows the government has the power to snoop through our private life.

    4. Hello Sarah! I agree that the lesson and video presented were very interesting, I also agree strongly with your input about AI. Meeting LOAB was very fascinating yet frightening at the same time, not so much the images themselves but the meaning behind the images and the thoughts showing an advanced way of thinking, including emotion. I agree with your statement on how AI has a mind of its own, although perhaps not now, but in the future we’ll see that evolved technology more and more present in our daily lives, how we will coexist with this technology is something I thought about when meeting LOAB, nonetheless I still feel AI is a beautiful technology that will continue to evolve. Overall great response, I really enjoyed reading what you had to say!

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