Week #12 – Internet Continued & Thanksgiving Rest

Week #12 ->

Internet Continued & Thanksgiving Rest

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Have a nice Thanksgiving break!

I’m grateful for our class and our learning experience together!

Class recording from 11/23 –


Passcode: iN==.bp9

A Few Important Due Dates to Watch:

  1.  Final Term Paper Draft due (3-4 pages) – preferably due now –  11/30 (send via e-mail)
  2. Final Term Paper –(6 pages – NOT including the bibliography page) preferably due between 12/7 – 12/15 – (send via e-mail)
  3. Final Course Assessment / Reflection – 1-2 pages – due 12/15 (send via e-mail)

Class Discussion:

Let’s have some fun – > Last week we took a dive into the history of the Internet. But, the Internet, as we well know, is a very deep place and a space.. it is the birthplace of many underground sub-cultural aesthetics and micro-genres. VaporWave has crossed through and been recycled by cultures all of the world through the power of the Internet.

VaporWave is one of them. Vaporwave is a microgenre of electronic music, visual art style, and Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s.”

Let’s screen this video together on VAPORWAVE.

This week’s class assignment is optional. No discussion board response is necessary unless you would like to share your thoughts, reflections and comments, you can view this as an extra credit response with a rolling deadline.


Further Resources:

VAPORWAVE – the wiki definition

VAPORWAVE – Aesthetics Wiki – Extensive List

Internet Art – akak NET-ART – Reddit wiki

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