Week #11 – The Internet

Week #11 – The Internet!

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Today’s class video recording from 11/16:


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A Few Important Due Dates to Watch:

  1. Mid-Semester Assessment / Reflection – due now (please send asap via e-mail)
  2.  Final Term Paper Draft due (3-4 pages) – preferably due between 11/16 – 11/30 (send via e-mail)
  3. Final Term Paper –(6 pages – NOT including the bibliography page) preferably due between 12/7 – 12/15 – (send via e-mail)
  4. Final Course Assessment / Reflection – 1-2 pages – due 12/15 (send via e-mail)

Class Discussion:

  • How many hours a week do you think that you spend online? What do you mainly do online? How much time do you spend reading e-mail, surfing the web or using instant messaging or other chat programs? What are your top 3 favorite websites?
  • How many e-mail messages do you receive on a typical week day? How many of those messages are spam? How do these numbers affect you?
  • How many of us, since the pandemic evolved, have and continue to purchase most of their needed products over the Internet? How many of us do our banking / pay bills online? Do have security concerns about online transactions?

Let’s watch the videos below:

(The second video can be watched outside of class and included in the reaction)

Assignment: Respond in the comments section below ->

  1. What did you think of the 2 videos above? Not only based on the information and content but on a technical and presentation based level?
  2. What do you know now that you did not know before watching both of the videos on Internet history? What stands out the most?
  3. Do the videos induce and alter / reshape the way that you will think about the Internet moving forward? What changes might you make as a result?
  4. Additional reflections – what else comes to mind? What might the “Internet” look like in 25 years from now?

Please write a 200 – 350-word response and post it into the comments section below, preferably by our next class time. You will also need to comment on one of your classmates’ responses by the following week as well. Engage!

(***I strongly suggest that you generate your response(s) using a word processing application like ms word, pages or notes first, make the necessary spelling and grammatical corrections and then copy and paste your work into the comments section below***)

Internet History Relatedness:

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38 thoughts on “Week #11 – The Internet”

  1. What did you think of the 2 videos above? Not only based on the information and content but on a technical and presentation based level?
    – I like how the videos presented and back in the day pixel mixed with modern time pixel. The video quality reminded when I was younger and had the big fat TV with the grainy picture quality. I remember crying when the TV was replaced with the new flat screen TV with higher end pixel quality. I though I would never get use to the new technology until I grew to love it and forgot how it use to be.

    What do you know now that you did not know before watching both of the videos on Internet history? What stands out the most?
    – I didn’t know the internet and emails came about in the 1970s. I always thought it was the late 80s. I originally thought the internet was always called internet now I know it was once called the world wide web. I didn’t know their was another search engine called Web Crawler before Google. I always thought Google was the only search engine.

    Do the videos induce and alter / reshape the way that you will think about the Internet moving forward? What changes might you make as a result?
    – Yes the videos has reshape the way I think about the internet. This video has made me want to use the internet less and get back in touch with oneself. Before the elevation of the internet when it was at it’s simplest form people would interact more and really on many ways outside the internet to communicate and internet themselves.

    Additional reflections – what else comes to mind? What might the “Internet” look like in 25 years from now?
    – The internet is going to become more and more integrated with our everyday life more in the future then it’s already is. Also the internet is going to become more immersive as virtual reality is becoming more mainstream. As well as I think the internet will no longer just be on a screen but it will be apart of our bodies through micro ships that want to inject into our right hand or forehead. I don’t want that to happen I really wish it will never happen but by the way things are going with our society that’s what the people in higher power is pushing for.

  2. I think the two videos were very great and detailed. The videos discussed the various internet timelines while also providing information. After watching both of the videos, I came to know what the first meme was. The videos displayed the history of the internet, as a result, I now understand how far the internet has advanced. I have learnt a lot about the internet because I had no idea how much it took for it to run. It is amazing to see how much the internet has changed. What stands out the most is how far email has come from those early days, when you could only send emails to another user on the same computer. Currently, or in today’s world, it has become easier to send emails, individuals can now send emails in a matter of minutes to anyone. Which is great! The videos did not induce and alter or reshape the way that I will think about the Internet moving forward. What the “Internet” might look like in 25 years from now is that the internet will be more advanced than it is now.

    1. I agree the 2 video was detailed I learned a lot of new information I didn’t know about the internet before as well.

  3. With the advent of the internet, a whole new universe of knowledge is now available at the touch of a computer button. It’s more difficult to imagine life without the internet many years ago. The age of instant knowledge is here,thanks to internet technology. I think that the fact that I rely on the internet for everything inspires creativity in me across all facets of life. It’s a fantastic method to connect individuals from all over the world since it’s inexpensive, quick, and accessible. With the ability to connect via email, social networking, video conferencing, chatting, and even attending job interviews, the globe has become a smaller place. I can understand how a modest notion developed into something significant, especially in light of the technology available now. The potential of the Internet is truly limitless.The internet will continue to evolve and become considerably more social during the next 2 decades. I think virtual reality will control internet communication in the future. The statistics seem to suggest that as time goes on, a greater proportion of the workforce will live and work remotely. People will be able to do this and live in better neighborhoods where they can spend more time with their family. We can use VR to be just as productive, if not more, from any location with an internet connection.

  4. The internet is a modern-day must-have, it has evolved and changed lives over the years. We can retrieve information from any point. Most things these days are powered by the internet. Almost all of the information that the video talked about was news to me, I had no idea about the history of the internet. I didn’t know that computers needed to be placed at a cool temperature. I always thought when my computer overheated was that it was charging for too long or I was using it for too long. What stood out to me the most was that Nokia was the first phone to be connected to the internet. Which brought me back to my brother buying me my first phone at 4 years old which was a Nokia. I didn’t do much because I was so young but after watching this video I’m like wow I had my first phone with internet connectivity at only 4 years old. That’s crazy. I can’t even begin to imagine what the internet would be like in 25 years but I know it would be truly remarkable.

  5. The internet has simply but amazingly evolved. You and I are living in the future, we’re living in era of an ongoing evolution of communication and that essentially includes the internet! The first ever email sent out was nearly a century ago, now emails are ever so casual and easy to send and receive, edit and so on, decades ago it wasn’t, but it seems like every year a new update comes out for emails, and other forms of communication. My knowledge in technology of the past is something I’m somewhat familiar with, I have a family member from an era beyond the flip phones and such, he used to use a brick phone instead, I remember my first time seeing this device. I was maybe at age of a middle schooler and I gazed so interestingly at this brick type looking device, this retro brick phone was actually a cell phone, I believe it was a DynaTax device, I think back to day many times when I see the new phones coming out now, instead of a huge brick phone with push in numbers, no screen and limited sound and signal, we now have technology the size of just a small hand, we got devices from Apple and Samsung that’s software can be expanded beyond our current knowledge of technology, the cameras in these devices are something that you probably couldn’t even imagine back in the late 50s, that’s why these videos were a reminder that so much has changed and so much will continue to change. 25 years from now I would imagine the internet might be in the form holograms and AI technology, I’m more excited for the idea of hologram technology because it would be amazing to receive data from holograms, I just find that idea incredibly awesome and innovative, or the internet might just be AI devices, which although great I feel it might be negative factor for our own knowledge but who knows, we just have to wait and see!

  6. I feel the Web has truly transformed everyone. We can see any kind of programming, send messages anyplace on the planet, and have the option to have a video talk with anybody. It is insane that what began as a little thought around the 50s developed into something so enormous in the 21st hundred years. I feel like we’ve gotten so much closer to innovation with regards to the web before however the same old thing as of the ongoing scene. Indeed, even though TikTok the application is still new to the world yet the idea isn’t anything unique in relation to what has been finished before. I trust that later on new ideas can be framed to assist with captivating individuals more.

  7. Today in society, the internet has changed many lives and evolved throughout the years. Millions of software people use daily for their jobs or entertainment; it is weird to me that back in the early 50s, people didn’t see it as a big thing until the later 2000s. The two videos gave me the information I didn’t know about, such as keeping the computer in a relatively quiet location so it won’t overheat. I thought there were computer fans that did help overcome these issues, but it turned out it didn’t need to be put in a cool room. Another thing that blew my mind is that someone developed Gmail by investing his time and passion, which in the end, the company immediately turned down and didn’t care for it, but if they then it could have been a more significant thing sooner instead of having to wait to become more prominent. What got me thinking is how computers grew. Firstly, there were a lot of issues, such as dial-up, and now it’s more efficient.
    Another thing would be how Gmail, you could only send them to yourself, and directly you can send them to anyone, which impacted the way of marketing altogether. Within 25 years, I expect holograms to be real instead of being in cartoons/shows since it would be so cool to use them and learn on they are developed. Another thing I expect 25 years later would be high-tech security to prevent cyber or even actual crimes. I feel the world needs more protection, and people can do so much in both worlds. I feel like having advanced security would do justice.

  8. I feel the Internet has really changed everyone’s lives. We are able to see any type of programming, send emails anywhere in the world, be able to have a video chat with anyone. It is crazy that what started as a small idea around the 50s grew into something so big in the 21st-century I think the two videos gave me knowledge that I didn’t previously know before such as that computer needed to be stored in a cool location, so they didn’t overheat. It was interesting that email came from somebody that was doing it on his own time and the company he worked for didn’t care about it. Had his company cared about it maybe they could’ve had major exposure. What I feel stands out the most is how far the technology for computer has come. Before you couldn’t send an email you could only send it to yourself. Now you’re able to send it to anywhere in the world. The videos do alter the way the Internet is moving forward for me. I can see that a small idea became something major, and now that we have the technology to back it up. The Internet could become something so much more unexpected. I feel now that if we continue advancing the Internet, it could become more faster able to communicate more efficiently with people. I feel that I can’t comprehend or say what the Internet could be in 25 years because it’s just an ever expensive form that keeps on growing. If I were to say, I hope that the Internet allows us to be able to create holograms or clones, it would be a good idea. Just like how we have holograms for famous people, it could be cool if that was more main stream for the normal people. it would be amazing.

    1. Hi Juan, I agree, the internet has really changed our lives. It has benefited individuals due to the fact that one is able to use it to connect with other people anywhere and anytime. What stood out the most was also how far technology has advanced. Now, individuals are able to send emails to anyone across the globe which is great.

    2. Hello, I agree the internet has a big role in our lives in that it impacts how we live our lives every day.

  9. I find it so amazing and such a privilege to be born and around in generatin of such change and innovation with the use of technology. It really put it into perspective how when you build and conscurte new ideas, it will quite literally change the world in ways I cant even comprehend. Watching the video, I lierally did not know any of the information. I genuinely enjoyed that video so much. Although everything quite literally stood out to me, if i had to choose one that stood out the most it would have to be either the smiley face being the first meme or the animated baby. I use “:-)” so much, more than emjois i would say. Its so cool now that I understand the history behind it and how important it truly is. The animated baby also stood out to me because I see that EVERYWHERE. So knowing the history behind that too was super cool. As mentioned before, watching has made me realize so much about the internet which definetly alterd the way I think about the internet. As far to changes to the internet I cant really imagine what the internet will look like in 25 years. I lowkey could see holograms and using the internet in that form. I dont even know if thats possible, but from what I am learning and realizing, anything is possible.

    1. hey deborah,
      i also think holograms would be cool. I would want to make a hologram of myself. we have the tech for famous people it would be awesome if it were more available for the normal people.

  10. The videos both were pretty detailed and eye-catching to explain the upcoming of the internet. The videos both spoke in chronological order and showed how the previous milestone helped create the next one. They were both pretty informational and spoke about the different timelines of the internet. After watching the video, I actually learned what the first meme was. I am 20 so my first real encounters with the internet to more modern standards were in middle school. So considering the last 10 years of my life, I’d like to say that I’m knowledgeable on memes and for some reason I don’t recognize that meme at all. It’s just interesting to see how things circulate on the web depending on what “zones” you’re in based on your interests. The video did make me think about how far the internet has changed in the past but how stagnant it’s been lately. I feel like we’ve gotten so much newer technology in terms of the internet in the past but nothing new as of the current world. Even TikTok the app is still new to the world but the concept is nothing different from what has been done in the past. I hope that in the future new concepts can be formed to help intrigue people more. Just think of Snapchat, it was so popular 3-4 years ago but since other apps have incorporated the concept of it, it’s really died down. I also hope in the future that laws don’t become more strict about what can be posted and make people lose the freedom to use certain aspects to help with their contribution to the internet.

    1. Hi!! I agree with you when you mentioned ,”Even TikTok the app is still new to the world but the concept is nothing different from what has been done in the past. ” and I wanted to add and expand more on that! I have noticed that tiktok lately has been the backbone or maybe the new blueprint for many apps now. For example, youtube now has a section called “shorts” which are shorter form of video sharing in 60 seconds, just like the concept of tiktok. Same thing with instagrams Reels. Although as you mentioned, its nothing different from the past, these new ideas expand and inspire other programs.

    2. hey jeinine,
      i agree the videos were so informative with everything about the internet. it was also cool the way they set it up with doing everything in chronological order. it puts everything in perspective of how far the internet came.

    3. Hey jeinine, I agree, I can’t even imagine what the internet would be like in 25 years. I felt what you said about tik tok, I feel like now you can look up lots of stuff on that platform. information and how to do content. I sometimes find myself running to tik tok to find out something before I hit safari or google.

  11. What I think of the two videos I watched about the history of the internet is that the internet has come a very long way from what we have now. The internet has always been shaping our way of communicating from the days of facebook to the days of instagram and tiktok. The internet has always been meant to be a form of communication and a way for people to come together and explain about their experiences and share everything that they have to. The presentation that the two videos were made in were amazing considering the time and age that they were made. The information that stands out to me the most in these two videos is that the first email was sent all the way back in 1971. The first email took a lot of power and engine to make possible and now we could send an email with ease. The videos do not at all reshape the way I thought about the internet because I know that technology will always keep on advancing no matter what and humans know no bounds on what they can reach. The internet would be a lot more social 25 years from now and we will see a lot more advancements in the internet and see a lot of people create more apps to see that.

    1. Hey Ray,

      I know the whole email concept is shocking to me as well. I’m surprised that the initial idea was to just send it to the same computer, which is kind of pointless. But it also makes me appreciative of how far its grown. Now we can send them across different email systems, share links, and even schedule when it’ll be sent. It’s honestly so interesting on how far the internet has changed in less than a century. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I think these two videos, in many ways, show how fast the internet ages in comparison to most technologies. Both videos show how far the internet has come from its creation, from being a tool in the cold war to being a pillar of modern society. It’s also a juxtaposition from the internet when the videos were being made to where the internet is now with one video being made in 2009 when banking technology is still developing, and in 2019, when article 13 is still under consideration. The landscape on the internet 5 years ago is not the same landscape as it was now or even ten years ago. I think learning about the first blogs and the first post was something I didn’t know about although I was aware of the first YouTube and Twitter posts. The videos haven’t changed my view of the internet as much but it does reinstall a lot of the reasons why I love the internet and why it has become a massive part of who I am. It serves as a window and a reflection of humanity and it keeps me connected to people I otherwise feel disconnected from. It’s simultaneously encouraging and dreadful, seeing how my primary connection to the world is an amalgamation of the best and worst of humanity. I think something that came to mind and something I think is very important is the fact that the internet is more consolidated than it has ever been. It’s nice to have a home base, in some sense, an area of the internet that you go to as a jumping-off point or a place to return to. With that being said, Social Media programs have homogenized and kept people in echo chambers. These platforms have dictated discussion and have monopolized the digital space. I worry that in 25 years, the internet will be a lot more consolidated in these smaller sites and apps. A lot of media platforms have met a similar fate but the internet has become so influential that these monopolized spaces can and have limited the expression of others and control the direction of society.

    1. I agree that the internet has aged signifacntly and the internet will continue to do so until the end of times because people will always make improvements to it and we will see it get more advance as we go on.

    2. you made a really good point that the videos help reinstall a lot of the reasons why you love the internet and why it has become a massive part of who you are and i couldn’t agree more. It really put into perspective how it has impacted my psychosocial development that i really wasnt aware of.

    3. Hello Ethan! I really enjoyed reading your response a lot, it was a very insightful post. I agree that the videos showed how fast the internet ages in comparison to most technologies, I feel the internet is an everlasting evolutionary path, that being backed up with new improvements in data and data communication yearly. Very nice addition about the article 13 comment you made! I also appreciate your honesty about the connection your made towards how it brings the best and worst of humanity. You made a very strong contribution when you added the monopolization which is something which is very true yet overseen, it is worrisome knowing that many of these spaces will be more limited and controlled, a part of me thinks about the META verse, it is a way of internet and technology evolving to but it’s not a free space, and it controls a lot of different forms of expression, although still not as popular, we can say that there is a percentage of the population that will be joining the verse in the next 25 years, how much of it will change? We’ll just have to wait and see, again, great response Ethan, really enjoyed reading it!

  13. These two videos were both very interesting in the sense that in the first video we were introduced to the man who started the whole idea of “the internet” and the video further elaborated on the spread of the internet, the evolution of the internet, and the usage of the internet then and now. The first video was more of a documentary presentation where we even saw the changes/evolution of video quality from back then to now. The second video’s presentation was also very interesting because it was presented in more of a clipart format. This made the video more enjoyable. I now know that the first email was sent by Ray T, which I did not know before watching both. The concept that stands out the most to me is because the evolution of email now is so advanced that, back when he made his discovery, you were only able to send email to another user on the same computer.” Today we’re able to send emails to anyone across the planet in just a matter of minutes. I don’t think that these videos altered the way I think of the internet moving forward. Instead, I’d like to gain a better understanding of the internet and how it all began. In about 25 years from now, the internet will definitely be more advanced than it is today. There will be plenty of changes to the Internet in the future, but it will remain the Internet. The privacy, security, and cyber policy issues that we will have to deal with in the future will require us to connect to a variety of protocols. The likes of Wikipedia, Coursera, Khan Academy, Google, and other popular web have been around since the beginning of the Internet’s evolution as well as at this current level of development.

      1. Hi Ethan, Great response. I agree with these strong points you made, “A lot of media platforms have met a similar fate but the internet has become so influential that these monopolized spaces can and have limited the expression of others and control the direction of society.” This sentence from your response stands out to me because the internet does have a great number of influences on how society operates today. To add my thoughts to your question as the internet moves forward, sites like Wikipedia and Google will have a lot of control over its direction because they have access to what users use the internet for. They can use that data to the best of their technological advancement to help users enjoy the web more.

    1. I agree I like the design and the art for the 2nd video and the way that it was presented in that format so that we could all see.

    2. Hi Sarah, your response is very detailed. I agree, the two videos were very interesting. The videos were informative as well. I also think what the “Internet” might look like in 25 years from now, is that it will become more advanced.

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