Welcome to CT-201 – Fall 2022!

Welcome Everyone!

 Here we are: CT-201 – Foundations of Communications Technology!

The Fall Semester of 2022!

Im excited to meet everyone and share our 1st class session to connect and learn about each other.  

Here is the Zoom recording from today’s class session:


Passcode: !.D3^Qju

**This is the direct URL / Link to our class Website – https://ct201.commons.gc.cuny.edu/ <—that link is where EVERYTHING is happening for CT-201 – please bookmark it.

I’m not a fan of blackboard (who is?? Its outdated and clunky..) and will only use it to remind the class about password sensitive things or send a mass class e-mail.

Please make sure you are familiar with the CUNY academic calendar for the semester.  

The CT-201 Class Modality / Structure:

CT-201 will be taught synchronously online via Zoom on Wednesdays from 12:30pm – 1:45pm, you are required to attend each session and participate. Our class also functions asynchronously as you complete and participate in our class work via this website and the various assignments discussed through out the semester.

Please know, I am always here to help you be the best that you can be in our course. And we are all here to do the same for each other. Our class is a community! A big part of our class is reactionary, reflective and exploring creative ways to communicate. Please think of this website as a repository of information, energy and inspiration for the course (and beyond!)

*The Class WebsiteOur class website takes place on the CUNY Academic Commons! You will soon discover that the Commons is a huge resource and regular source of inspiration and community! Im excited to share this with you all.

Assignments –  All of our weekly assignment prompts & reminders will be published every Wednesday before class on the Course Schedule Page here <—

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**This Week’s Assignment**
Introductions – Let’s leave our first Comment!

In the comments section below (if you scroll down to the bottom of this page) Add your 1st comment!

Your comment will serve as your attendance today, but please take a few moments to introduce yourself and share!

Tell us a bit about yourself, What is your name / nickname (if you have one)? What you are studying here at York College?  What is your favorite movie, activities, ice cream flavor? Favorite places or apps to visit on the web? What are you most interested in at this moment? Etc..) Also, what does “Communications Technology” mean to you? Feel free to add some links! Let’s get to know each other!

Also – Please, reply to someone’s else’s comment, say hello and or share your encouragement or similar some interests.

Commenting and participation on the website is a big part of our class!

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Please explore this website, read through the syllabus and some of the course resources (I will add many more as we go forward each week!), it will be super helpful in the next coming weeks.


54 thoughts on “Welcome to CT-201 – Fall 2022!”

  1. Hello, My name is Alancia. I’m studying Aviation Management. My favorite movie is my childhood movie “Hoodwinked. The only I love to do in my free time are play video games and do puzzles. To me, communication technology is the transfer of data or messages between machines or people using technology.

  2. Hi, my name is Breanna Campbell aka Bree. I am a senior here at York College graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Communication Technology, with a concentration in Web Design and Web Development. Favorite movie is the original ‘Annie’ and my favorite ice cream flavors are Haagen Dazs Butter Pecan and Strawberry ice cream. My fav activities to do is plan & organize trips activities and new ideas (odd I know lol), I loveee traveling and eating, and I really enjoy ‘draping’ for fun. The type of draping you do on a dress form to construct dresses. My favorite app to visit is Pinterest, but I do find these days I’m using a lot more TikTok.
    To me and my general understanding of communication technology pairs so heavily with the understanding of marketing and completely understanding the digital age we are in.

  3. My name is Monica Rodriguez, I am studying Political Science. My favorite movie is Avatar, it’s not the only one but I think it’s a good choice when it comes to choosing one favorite movie. I like to read, go to the gym, and dance. My favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry and chocolate. My favorite place to visit is the park because I love walking and I love food and trying new restaurants. My favorite apps that I log into every day are Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube, sonic game, and diner dash game I have lots of apps. Communications technology means to me are software or computer-generated programs are designed to communicate through the web. An example in my understanding could be using emojis, text messaging, an exchange of information through technology.

    1. Avatarrr, I think the movie was really good but that just triggered a memory of the show Avatar and the main character ‘Aing’ (Idk how to spell it), that and Dragon Ball Z Kai were my absolute fav.

  4. Hello, my name is Manpreet Singh; I have taken a class with you, professor (CT101); I love watching videos that inspire me to use my mind to the fullest in terms of creativity and ideas, and I can’t wait to see what’s next! (sorry for the lateness)

  5. My name is Faith Antoine, I am a junior at York College, studying Economics. I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. I enjoy doing hair, i do hope to open my salon one day. I love spending time and making memories with my loved ones. I love watching movies, I can not choose a favorite movie, I love so many movies but I can say my favorite genre is old-school African American movies. I am not a huge ice cream fan but my all-time favorite is chocolate, literally the only flavor I will eat, which is weird because my first job was at Coldstone where I made ice cream for 2 years. I love to travel, I return to my home country every year but I hope to visit other islands soon. At this moment I am most interested in finishing my degree. I constantly worry about my future, my focus is on building myself to start the career of my dreams. I search for peace and stability. Communications Technology is all around us, we use it to do everything. Our phones, laptops, watches, air pods, etc. Communications have evolved over time, technology runs the world, and some will say we can not live without it.

    1. I can completely relate to worrying about the future. Sometimes its like I would literally drown myself in thoughts regarding the future, and when I get an idea to do certain projects I get timid to put my name behind something out of fear of it not being good enough and then I chicken out.

  6. Hello all! My name is Jeffrey but my the meme laws please call me Jeff 😉
    I am current psychology major here at York, this is my last year here too! My favorite places or apps to visit on the web are Google, Reddit, YouTube, and HBO max. I am most interested in learning more about the foreign exchanges markets and stock markets. Communication Technology for me means communication that happens throughout the use of the internet, different forms of communication different information occurs on the web. To finish it off my favorite music is synthwave!

  7. Hi everyone!!! My name is Maalia Anderson. I was born and raised in Jamaica, migrated when I was thirteen years old. I am currently in my fourth semester at York College. Hoping to major in Psychology when I am able to declare my major. My favorite activity is listening afrobeats music, I’ve been a fan before it started being mainstream. Favorite ice cream is rum and raisin. I’ve not done a lot of traveling outside of the states other than Jamaica, but I recently traveled to Philly and CT for the first time. In total, I would say I’ve visited 5 states so far. At this time I am mostly interested in New York night life especially where in my culture is involved. Communication technology, in my opinion, means a mode of relaying messages via advance practical methods. Looking forward to learning so much more from this semester!

  8. Hi everyone!

    I’m not sure if my first post went through so if it does sorry for the double comment. Anyways, my name is Jeinine and my family calls me Gigi but I rather be called Jeinine by outsiders. I’m a huge Marvel fan so all the movies are my favorite, my top 3 characters are Thor, Doctor Strange, and Ironman of course. But my favorite movie of all time is Interstellar, honestly the greatest movies to be released. A big thing to me is drinks. I’m a fan of boba, coffee, tea and juices (except soda I’m not a soda drinker). I feel like my day is not complete unless I have a drink to compliment it. Communications technology to me is how we use technology to create forums and spaces for people to be able to feel safe or share information with one another. I’ve been using media and technology for about 7 years now so it’ll be interesting to see how the technology and connections work behind it. I look forward to this semester together!

    1. Welcome!
      (yes yes, I saw the first comment too – I have manually approve the comments to avoid the spam that comes through the site – so comments might not show up immediately) Thank you!

  9. Hey everyone,

    sorry for the late response. But I am Juan Carlos and I am majoring in Communications Technology. This is my second year at York College . I have a difficulty choosing a favorite movie because there are so many good ones. So instead I will tell you my favorite genres which are fantasy and science fiction because I find the idea of magic so interesting. I like to watch a lot of shows on my down time because it feels good to escape into a new world. A new show I am watching right now is Pushing Daisies which is about a baker who can bring people back from the dead with one touch. But since magic always has a price if the baker were to touch the dead or newly alive person he brought back to life again they would die permanently. I really find the plot interesting but to switch topics my favorite ice cream flavor bounces from vanilla to strawberry to oreo which are really good. My favorite apps I use are YouTube because I can listen to music and watch interesting videos online. I also like to use King of Thieves an app about playing as a thief which is about breaking into dungeons that are designed to be impenetrable. In this moment I am interested in passing all my classes and not falling behind which i have sorted of fail by not posting my comment a few days earlier but here is to becoming better. Lastly, Communications Technology to me means learning about how to adapt to different forms of technology. But with time I will learn more about what Communications Technology has to offer and how I can use it to become a better student.

  10. Hello everyone! My name is Dinah. It’s my second-year at York! I am studying or majoring in Aviation Management. I’m taking this class as an elective. And I’m excited! I hope this semester goes well for everyone as well. When it comes to my favorite movie, I have two, “The Notebook” and “Titanic,” and I absolutely adore these movies; because “The Notebook” teaches you that no matter the situation, never give up! And Titanic teaches you to make effective and wise decisions in life. For my favorite activities, I love to cook, I like to read, make research to get a better understanding of something, listen to music, and I love drawing and designing. My favorite ice cream flavors are chocolate and cookies and cream. Favorite places to visit would be the mall, because I love shopping, and also I like to visit restaurants and try new dishes. My favorite apps to visit are Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok! At this moment, I am interested in learning a lot more about technology as it has become very important in today’s society. In 2020, I took part in a live webinar session which was based on coding, designing, and how to create apps. During the session, I learned the main elements of an app, which are: idea, design and code. Idea is basically the concept of the app itself. Design is how you want your app to be made and how you want it to be functioning. Code shows how certain things are going on the application itself. And then important things in all your apps are the sounds, buttons, images, text and screens. To me, “Communications Technology” means how you interact or transfer information among people through the use of technology such as the internet, computers, laptops, television, and cell phones or smartphones.

  11. Hello everyone, My name is Ray Briggs and I am a junior here at York college and my intended major is Political Science. My favorite movie of all time is Kill bill vol 1 and love working out and going to the gym, playing basketball, and eating amazing traditional food. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough and I believe that it is one of the best flavors of ice cream of all time. I love to visit places like france to see my brothers and nieces, and newphews. My favorite app is YouTube because it could be used to pass the time and watch interesting content. Communcations Technology means to me that you use meet various people and be introduced to various activites that you would have never thought of and that tech is taking us to an interesting places in the future and we should use it to improve ourselves.

    1. Hello Ray, good to know you love working out and going to the gym, that’s great. I love France, and I hope to visit one day! I also heard cookie dough tastes really good and I’m yet to try it. My favorite app is YouTube as well, because there are so many fun and interesting shows and movies to watch.

  12. Hi everybody!! My name is Deborah (or Debbie ). I recently just changed my major to CT! My favorite movie of all time would definitely be Annie, I love to to hang out with my friends and my favorite ice cream flavor would have to be cookies and cream. To me, communications technology is how we interact (such as digital tools) with the web to receive information.

    1. Hi Deborah, I watched the movie Annie too, and it’s amazing. The movie is so beneficial as it teaches one about hope and to be optimistic as well. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream too! I too love to hang out with my friends because it makes me happy. I agree with what you said about “Communication Technology,” that it is how we interact or communicate with digital tools to receive information. Also, you have a beautiful name 🙂

  13. Hello Everyone,
    My name is Marshall but almost everyone calls me “Marsh”. I’m finally a senior here at York college majoring in Health Science. It’s hard for me to decide on one of my favorite movies but some of my top movies are Troy, Bad Boys, Saving Private Ryan, and John Wick just to name a few. At this point in my life I guess my favorite activities are eating and working because thats what I spend most of my time doing. My favorite flavor ice cream would have to be the chocolate vanilla swirl. My apps to visit today are most definitely youtube, chase, citibank, hbo. At this moment I am most interested in enjoying this journey of finishing school and starting a new chapter in life. When it comes to communications technology, it means learning things and exploring parts of the internet that I didn’t know before.

  14. Hello Professor

    My major is communication technology, I feel like a career student, I took CT 101 in 2015 a long time ago, and I enjoyed your class then and looking forward to this class, I’m at the point where I’m a senior and looking to finish my degree.
    I have moved out of NY, yes, I miss home I’m a Queens girl and, I currently live in North Carolina, it’s beautiful here and is exactly what I needed. I love to cook and travel and love interior decorating.
    I have always enjoyed technology and have been the go-to person when it came to techie stuff, I learned how to code, and learned how to create a website, and create animation. I enjoy the process and can’t wait to see what more I can learn.

    1. Hello Tracey, nice to meet you! I too love to cook and try new recipes. I noticed you stated that you love interior decorating, that’s amazing. I really love interior decorating too! Having a well designed space with items I love or items of my choice gives me a sense of calmness and happiness. In 2020, I took part in a live webinar session and I also learned how to code, design, and create apps. I am excited to take this class and learn a lot more about technology. Also, North Carolina is very beautiful and I can’t wait to visit. I wish you all the best this semester Tracey 🙂

      1. Hello Tracy,

        Nice to meet you, I also in my spare time love trying out new recipes because I am such a foodie. Interior designing sounds really interesting and fun as well.

  15. Hello class! My name is Sarah, and I am a psychology major here in York. I am still undecided about whether I should pursue a career in occupational therapy or speech therapy. I became interested in this field after nannying a little girl with speech delays a few years ago. I enjoyed watching her interact with the therapist as she learned to communicate better and was able to announce more words at therapy sessions. Since then, I have always wanted the opportunity to help someone else’s child. My favorite ice cream flavors are vanilla and strawberry. My favorite apps to browse daily are Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram. I love to travel but I hate flying. It makes me sick. I also love to bake and cook, so I’m always down to try new recipes. At this moment I’m really interested in watching documentaries on US Customs and Border Protection. It’s really interesting to see and learn about all the different types of narcotics, and contrabands that are smuggled into the country. I took this course as an elective but, when I hear the term “Communication Technology”, I think of how we interact with each other rather than physically but using technology such as phones, computers, television, and the internet. However, communication is a broad topic. There are many different forms of communication ranging from verbal communication, written communication, visual communication, listening, understanding a different language, sign language, and even music communication. Through the use of technology, communication technology allows people to communicate and transmit information. This processing of information can help people make decisions, solve problems, and control machines to communicate effectively. The term communication also refers to the means by which data or information can be transmitted and received. I hope that this course can enhance my knowledge of this topic. I wish everyone a happy and successful semester!

  16. Tell us a bit about yourself, What is your name / nickname (if you have one)? What you are studying here at York College? What is your favorite movie, activities, ice cream flavor? Favorite places or apps to visit on the web? What are you most interested in at this moment? Etc..) Also, what does “Communications Technology” mean to you? Feel free to add some links! Let’s get to know each other!

    My name is Cynara Wilson. My nickname is Shameeze. My major is Community Health Education and my minor is Public Health and I’m a transfer student from a Community College in Long Island. My favorite movie is Titanic. I love to take long walks it gives me time to think, clear my mind and get a workout in. My favorite ice cream is Grape Nut or Peacon. I love visiting my country Jamaica for the nice food, river and beaches but I would love to visit Brazil and South Africa one day. My favorite app is YouTube when I’m on their I mostly watch inspirational or informative videos mixed in with mix-up and drama. I’m mostly interested at the moment is my health and what I put in my body. I’m constantly making sure the foods I consume is properly cooked, washed and gives me nutrition. Communication Technology is important to me because since dated my boyfriend who lives in Jamaica I been using my phone and social media more then I have ever done before. I recently noticed since being so proactive on my phone and on apps like Whatsapp my eyes sight has gotten worse but I guess it’s all in the name of love.

  17. Hello everyone, my name is Umar and I am currently a senior at York. My major is Information Systems and I am graduating next semester. My hobbies are traveling and exploring different types of foods. I believe that Communication Technology is a method of sending messages or information between a network of computers or humans.

    1. I’m also a foodie. I don’t eat to live I live to eat. I’m currently a senior as well hoping to be done this Semester as long as my Field Work site change is approved by the College by October. Once I graduate and able to obtain a proper full time online position traveling will also become my hobby as well.

    2. Hi Umar, nice to “meet” you! I am a psy major here at York. I see we have a few things in common, I too love to travel and but hate flying, it makes me sick lol. I also love to cook/ bake so I like trying new dishes whether it’s making them myself or dining in. I wish you all the best this semester!

    3. Hello Umar, very nice to meet you and I agree with you that I love exploring different types of foods and see what each culture has in store. I love trying French foods, and Hatian foods. I want to try other european foods because I always wondered what they may taste like. I agree with what you said on the fact that tech is evolving and we are sending information at a fast rate because of it.

    4. Hi Umar, congratulations on reaching your senior year at York, that’s great. I also love to visit restaurants and try different kinds of dishes. I agree, “Communications Technology” is a way of transferring information among people through the use of technology or “a network of computers.” I hope you have a great semester!

    5. Hello Umar,
      Congrats on making it to your senior year. One thing I promised myself was to travel more once I’m done with school. I also like trying new foods, especially spicy foods.

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